Read EXCLUSIVE: Ice-T Explains Soulja Boy “Beef”

Today in an exclusive interview with, Ice-T explained the origins of the “beef” and ended the volatile situation with his young peer.

“I’d like to clarify how all this s**t jumped off,” Ice-T explained. “I was in the recording booth doing a mixtape, and the cats in there doing the promotion were f*cking with me. They were saying things about ‘Soulja Boy this, Soulja Boy that’ and basically I went on one. It wasn’t meant to be evil, it was basically that Hip-Hop ‘n*gga f**k that’ stance.”

“I didn’t expect them to use that clip to promote their mixtape,” Ice-T reasoned. “So I’m in the crib and n*ggas is calling me talking about Soulja Boy is replying to you on the Internet. And I’m like ‘replying to what?’ So I see it and I’m like ‘man here we go.’ It was a statement made behind closed doors, not meant to be an attack on this n***a.

“I didn’t even know dude was 17 years-old,” Ice continues. “I felt bad. I know I came hard at the n***a, but at the end of the day that’s just an old school, passionate Hip-Hopper trying to keep this thing 100. I’m not trying to disrespect Collipark or even lil homie [Soulja Boy]. Of course I overreacted…it’s not meant to be harmful. Bottom line is I would like to see rappers of today step their game up.”