I like that M-Audio is seeing the value in these artists (see Alpha Pup Records: Keeping It Independent). I don’t like an interview with more M-Audio references than discussion about the artist and his/her work. Yeah, you’re supposed to tie in the artist and the equipment but have you ever heard of subtlety? Push vs. Pull? Besides all that, good to know Thavius Beck is working on new projects.

What projects are next on the horizon for you? How do you see M-Audio products playing a role in them?

I most recently produced an entire album for K-the-I???, an artist on Mush records. This album (“Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow”) will be released in October by Mush in the US, and by BigDada in Europe. I’m also finishing my 3rd solo record for Mush, working on a new LabWaste project, producing part of the new Busdriver (Anti/Epitaph artist) record, recording an album with Gingger Shankar (relative of Ravi Shankar’s, contributed to “The Passion of the Christ” soundtrack, and the only female in the world to have mastered the double-violin), as well as various other projects. M-Audio’s products will play a huge role in all of these projects because I use my controllers for all the initial beat programming and production (as well as for later live performances), and I soon plan on getting a Firewire 410 audio interface, which will be great for my preproduction process. My midi controllers are an essential part of my creative process, and the controllers I’ve been using all this time are made by M-Audio.