Cameras are practically ubiquitous. Attaching one to a gun might be useful. Police officers who abuse their authority do not like cameras, ask Rebel Diaz.

A press release from Rebel Diaz says the two saw the officers assault a fruit vendor, and when they took out a cell phone to record the incident, the officers approached them.

Authorities say the duo became unruly with the officers, who were helping sanitation and health officials investigate illegal fruit vendors in the Bronx.

But community members say that was not the case.

“They were questioning the police, why they were like taking the fruit from the fruit vendors. They just asked them questions, and they just got beat up,” said Wanda Salaman, executive director of local community activism group Mothers On The Move.

“They asked for the badge information from the police officer, and basically the police just started beating them up,” said Teresita Ayala of Rebel Diaz.

The Venegas brothers remained in custody Wednesday night, charged with resisting arrest and obstruction of justice.