Scheme Magazine Interviews Peanut Butter Wolf

Courtesy of Scheme Magazine

Scheme: Do you feel there’s an art to being a CEO record exec? Meaning there are so many labels where artists are publicly complaining about not getting enough promo, cash advances and or attention, what do you think is different about Stones Throw than say Def Jam or Geffen?

PB Wolf: We have former artists who are publicly complaining about us too and complaining about me personally. Of course if you decide not to work with someone anymore, there’s gonna be resentment from that person towards you. The main difference between Stones Throw and a major label though is that we split profits 50/50 after promotional expenses are recouped, so it’s in the artists best interest as much as ours to not go overboard on promo expenses. The Madvillian album made much more money for the artists on the backend because people discovered that album on their own without us spending a crap load of money pushing it on people.

Scheme: My follow up is if there are any gripes what do are they mainly comprised of?

PB Wolf: Just the same things you mention earlier. Not getting enough attention generally.