New philly rap mixtape by Emynd & Bo Bliz titled Philly Love Vol. 1.

Philly Love Volume 1: Mixed By Emynd & Bo Bliz

1.Tuff Crew “Going the Distance”
2. Freeway ft.Beanie Sigel and Jay-Z “What We Do”
3.Cool C “Down To The Gristle”
4.RAM Squad “Rough And Rugged”
5. Ms. Jade ft.Peedi Crakk and Freeway “Pocket Full Of Bullets”
6.Schooly D “Saturday Nite”
7.Joey Jihad “Freestyle”
8. Jay-Z ft. Beanie Sigel “The R.O.C.
9.Graham Nash “Chicago”
10.Beanie Sigel “The Truth”
11.Jakk Frost “Philly Love”
12.Jewelz (Allen Iverson) “40 Bars”
13. Freeway ft.Young Gunz “Full Effect”
14.Oschino “Down Too Long”
15.Reef The Lost Cauze “I Can’t Begin To Tell You”
16.Gillie Da Kid “Holla Back”
17.Re-Up Gang (Ab-Liva and Sandman) “Re-Up Anthem”
18. High & Might ft.Rasheed and Baby Blak “Open Mic Night”
19. Rasheed (Maylay Sparks) ft.Chief Kamache “Jungle Book”
20. Beanie Sigel ft.Omillio Sparks “Tales Of A Hustler”
21. Young Gunz ft.Omillio Sparks “Take It How You Want It”
22.The Roots “Respond React”
23.Meek Millz “Hate It Or Love It Freestyle”
24. Krown Rulers “32nd St.Down”
25.Peedi Crakk “Fall Back”
26. E.Ness “My Hood”
27.Beanie Sigel “Why Wouldn’t I?”
28.Tuff Crew “My Part of Town”
29.Peedi Crakk “My Part of Town Freestyle”
30.The Miracles “Nowhere To Go”
31.State Property “Nowhere To Go”

Linked below is a pretty thorough mix of Philly rap that Bo and I did that reaches from Cool C and the Tuff Crew, through the State Property and Roc years, all the way up to new-comers like Joey Jihad and Meek Millz. We completed this about two years ago so there isn’t much new stuff, and it’s really impossible to be exhaustive when making mixes like this–you’re bound to leave someone disappointed with what’s been included and what’s been excluded. But, that being said, since we never wound up doing anything with this mix and we’re both still really happy with it, we figured we might as well post it on the internets for the world to download.

Big shout outs to Cosmo Baker who was a big influence on this mix (he was the reason we put “40 Barz” up on this ish). I know he’s been talking about working on a Philly rap mix of his own for several years now and Lord knows if he ever completes it, it’ll be light-years better than this one. Hopefully you’ll enjoy this though. By the way, yes, we know the Krown Rulers are from Camden.