sage francis



This is how desparate I am for fun and interesting music. I will actually partially fan the flame of this fan-fabricated beef with the hopes that something along the lines of a mazzi vs. mic terror will erupt. But honestly, very (veeeery) unlikely this will go anywhere. I read Sage Francis’ comments and they aren’t even that serious. Kids are completely exaggerating his Southie remark. By the way, I thought Gone Baby Gone was a great movie and I specifically remember saying to myself that whoever played that drug dealing thug did a great job. Had no idea that was Slaine of La Coka Nostra. Anyway, to sum up, my best case scenario would play out like this: Slaine records a song making fun of Sage Francis’ pretentiousness and broccoli cock. Sage Francis turns into Xaul Zan and challenges Slaine to a dance-off. They go back and forth a few times via youtube and then they realize that making fun of people in raps is hella fun and entertaining (who would have thought?). They promise to keep the knives and wigs locked away in their safes and they do a show together that ends in a battle, I attend. The end.