Qwel and Kip Killagain - The New Wine

Qwel chimes in about his new album with Kip Killagain titled The New Wine. link, pre-order album

the record drops in a week or two and i been listenin heavily to it.we been tryin to keep the heater heaters super secret so as to not blow up the spot.but this record from one to z is a banger.i hope yall enjoy the different style beats on this joint.
i think this record helps to shed some light on the freezerburner for some of yall.it does for me.

when thinkin about the spring,it took me a minute to organize what me and kip wanted to pull off.cause we wanted to genuinely pull off the feel of spring without doin bambi,ya dig?somehow we pulled it off perfectly,in my opinion.wes helped alot with this.that cat can sing…very well.

i know we kinda buzzkilled the teaser a bit by puttin the snippets out hella early, but motherfuckers couldnt wait.im real curious to hear what cats get out of this record.im hella proud of the range on the record and the just straight up lyrics.the songs arent heavy heady “qwellybellyesque” the whole rip through for once and help to shed some light on what were talkin about.plus,wes helps alot to make it a less abrasive joint.

im down to answer any questions cats have about title,topics, or whatevers.and for the cats that think the snippets were dope you got a welcome surprise in store.this record is irrefutable rawness.

hit me up if you got any questions.

Pre-Order Details
The only way to pre-order from G4 right now is by Paypal. Standard ordering options coming soon, but without combo/freebie deals as explained below…

Right now you can pre-order by Paypal only the brand new Qwel & Kip Killagain “The New Wine” CD as well as the new G4 tour CD. The tour CD (Galapagos4 “Tip The Scales”) features 16 tracks with Qwel, Robust (including 3 new tracks with Qwel & Robust together), Jackson Jones, Kip Killagain, and guest verses by Wes Restless, Sketch 185, J-Note & more. Full track list on the tour CD will be announced next week.

We are offering FREE with purchase of “The New Wine” a New Wine poster (11×17 full color, great quality) as well as the bonus CD of Kip Killagain’s instrumentals from the album.

So here’s the ways you can pre-order…

Paypal to jeff@galapagos4.com

– $25 US or $30 international will get you both “The New Wine” and the G4 tour CD along with the free poster and instrumentals!
– $15 US or $18 international will get you “The New Wine” along with the free poster and instrumentals.

Pre-orders will begin shipping by Friday May 30. These deals will not extend past pre-orders!