Cypress Hill

Dj Muggs answers what is probably his most common question, what’s the deal with a new Cypress Hill record? As he describes, in contrast to their previous records, he is relinquishing most of the creative control to B-Real. Link

Ive been asked a lot about the new Cypress record on here so let me answer that question for you. Since the beginning I have drove the car and spearheaded the creative process for the Cypress records. On this record I am playing a much smaller role and B Real has taken over, and is driving the creative process from here on out. Now, I haven’t heard any of the music they have recorded although I have heard from B Real they have a hefty amount of music. I recorded one song with them so far a few months ago, but haven’t heard it since so I really couldn’t tell you what it sounds like since they recorded the vocals at there studio an i will be doing about 3 more songs from what the conversations have been so far. So you don’t get the wrong idea, all is cool with me and the homies…but as you all know, life can lead you in different directions sometimes. It’s not that its good or bad, it just is and the brothers will always have my support an respect. I’m sure the record will be out some time next year and they still tour like a damn wrecking machine, so make sure you check them when they come to your city…ALL RECPECT, CYPRESS FOR LIFE