Thavius Beck On LA Record

Thavius Beck Q&A and podcast for L.A. Record. Mix features another track from the new K-the-I??? record featuring one of my favorite rappers, NoCanDo. Link

Thavius Beck – LA Record Mix

Purple – Project Pat
Cheese and Dope – Project Pat
If You Ain’t From my Hood – Project Pat
Bow E3 – Wiley
Gangsters – Wiley
Trading Places – K-the-I??? featuring NoCanDo
Get ‘Em Girls – Cam’Ron
Intro – Jim jones
Ghetto Music/What You Know About That – OutKast/T.I.
System of a Down Ass Nickel – LabWaste
Lick Dem Muthaphuckas – Brand Nubians
Light Sleeper – Saafir
2 in 1 – LabWaste

8. Weirdest DJ gig?
I dj’d (can I write it like that?) at this little ass bar in Santa Monica that a buddy of mine did a weekly at and I was spinning vinyl (which i don’t normally do) of all this old hip-hop stuff that I got from Amoeba (I worked there at the time), and I was playing shit like YZ “Return of the Holy One” and other obscure anti-whitey type stuff (just based on the era…80’s and early 90’s more militant stuff… c’mon, some of my best friends are white), and the little crowd of people were really into it. These Westside ladies in their 30’s with their work clothes on (but their blouses were loosened) and semi-drunk were dancing to my trainwreck mix of “Welcome to the Terrordome” and “Jacking for Beats.” Weird and awesome at the same time.