David Ramos

David deserves all the acclaim he’s getting with his latest record. And when the Ramos brothers drop the next Anonymous Inc. album, they’ll deserve all the critical acclaim that gets too. Just wait and see. Link

LoW: Speaking of your music, the album is exceptional. Do you have any particular musical training that allowed you to seamlessly jump from spitting bars, to singing, to the plethora of other styles you use?

DR: I have been playing/studying the drums for a long long time, and I studied some music at Wesleyan University…..but I can’t sing well and that doesn’t really bother me. I like lots of music with spotty singing….

LoW: What exactly happened to Toca?

DR: There is probably a shit load of “red tape” but I don’t really give a fuck……Toca was a beautiful thing that was ruined by a horrible record label and clashing egos. Toca was started as a collaborative concept/project which would be Anonymous Inc, Tommy V. and Xololanxinxo…..the original concept was corrupted by a record label that was trying to push a traditional band with a “lead singer” and all that garbage. So instead of being what it was (a collective project) it was pushed in an opposite direction.

Anyways, it boils down to a shitty record label that wanted to make a boy band out of us.
One bullshit bio after the next they would try and sell Toca in whatever way possible…..In one of the main press releases the label went as far as referring to myself, ceschi, max, tommy and danny levin as a group of “hired latino musicians” hired to back Xinxo up (which is funny cause only my brother, tommy and I are latino). It doesn’t really matter all that much, but it got annoying. Hijacking intellectual property can be very aggravating! Anyways, it boils down to a shitty record label that wanted to make a boy band out of us.

They had all these demands of us but were really unsupportive and cheap. It’s the past, and I think we’re all better off now anyways. All of us have been working on music, Tommy, Max, Ceschi, and Danny Levin are all featured on my record. Anonymous Inc. finally has had the time to focus on our own music, which to me was always the best stuff we ever made.

Tommy has an amazing record coming out on Fake Four Inc., Max is finishing his classic record, Ceschi of course is always recording, Devin Mcnulty (who also played with Toca and is on my record) is now in one of my favorite new bands, Mad Gregs (also comming out on fake Four Inc.). And Xinxo just put out a new digital record……

So, in the long run Toca still exists it just has many different forms.