Bleubird - Street Talk 2 EP

New EP from Bleubird featuring Noah23, with production by Scott Da Ros, Raoul Sinier a.k.a. Ra, Kid Rolex, Bit Tuner, Playpad Circus and The Closing. The Ripe Figs Remix is on repeat right now. Thanks for the info Sylvain. Link

01. Know The End (prod. Raoul Sinier)
02. Cyp Not Pyt (prod. Scott Da Ros)
03. Brute Force (prod. Bit Tuner)
04. Ripe Figs Remix (feat. Noah23) (prod. Playpad Circus)
05. G’s On TGV’s (prod. Kid Rolex)
06. Shotgun Birdy (prod. Scott Da Ros)
07. Perfucktion (prod. The Closing)

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