J-Zone and Chief Chinchilla

I wouldn’t mind some White Castle right now. Link

Me (J-Zone): Hipsters have taken over Manhattan and everything within 5 miles of it and it scares the shit outta me. Some in their 30’s. Get a house already stupid, slumming in an overpriced gutted factory turned loft at 30 and being condescending towards those not in your world is a tad dumb don’t you think? I’m not knocking anybody. But when you have a snobbish attitude and start passing judgement on all the people that make the city run -blue collar New Yorkers that own HOMES (not rent lofts) at the edge of the city and in the surrounding counties- there’s a problem. Go the fuck back to where you came from and stop talkin shit about the suburbs when you’re originally from there. They ask me, “Who actually lives in a two-fare zone?” Yea, there’s life beyond the L Train asshole. If you don’t know who David Dinkins was, you’re not a New Yorker.

Chief: You didn’t know? Living in a paid off house with a lawn and driveway with your Grandmoms in a two fare zone in Queens is like soooooo un-hip Jay! We should call up 2 more people and pile in a loft and split a $5000 a month rent. Fuck ownership. That way we can the city can tow our cars for alternate side parking when were outta town. So when you say ‘Yuk! How do you live without the subway?!’, we respond with ‘Yuk, how do you live with alternate side parking?!’

Bonus: J-ZONE & CHIEF CHINCHILLA present…GATOR$-n-FUR$ Mixshow…May 2008: Hey Ladies!