Davey D recently sat down with one of hip-hop’s most outspoken artists. Link

Breakdown FM Immortal Technique-Sean Bell & Police Terrorism

We caught up with Immortal Technique who gave us an incredible 2 part interview. The first focuses on the recent Sean Bell verdict and New York’s lack of reaction. He breaks things down and talks about how and why the big apple has become a police state.

Immortal makes the connection to what has been happening with out of control police here in NY and the growing facism throughout the rest of the world-in particular Latin America.

Immortal also talked about his new project called the Police Abuse Chronicles. He is currently collecting first hand accounts of police abuse and plans to bring them before the United Nations. He is hoping to hold some sort of Tribunal.

We end the first part of the interview on that note. Part 2 will deal with Brack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Jeremiah WSright and the election

update: Part Two

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