Mixed feelings abound for the hardcore hip-hop fan that is trying to come to terms with the mixture of slapstick gimmicks and heartfelt backstories that comprise Ego Trip’s latest televised social experiment. I have found it impossible to discuss the show without sounding either overly critical or too disinterested. And considering I have only seen part of one episode I couldn’t contribute much to the discussion anyway.

So instead I’ve been lurking in this hip-hop blogging universe that we’ve created to read and determine whether or not I should bother recording another episode. There are quite a few posts that present a multitude of viewpoints on the show’s premise and value. But not until today did I come across something of real substance. Brandon Soderberg has been writing detailed and opinionated summaries. As I was skimming the latest installment I skipped to the comments ’cause I noticed the homie Dart Adams left a note about a Dj Premier-produced song from one of the contestants. But then I couldn’t help but notice the next comment, written by someone who claims to be black and from Brooklyn. This is exactly what I was looking for. It knocked me back into reality. I had been wasting my time. I shouldn’t watch Miss Rap Supreme. Actually, I shouldn’t even listen to hip-hop, ’cause I’m not black.

Every now and then I come across close-minded racism of this nature and it puts me in my place. It reminds me that even though hip-hop is about self expression and derives from a historically diverse cultural base, there are still people, and forever will be, that are weak minded and have no other alternative to express their confusion than by spouting nonsense. Although the writer thinks Slav Kandyba is on his side, I doubt it. But in any case, my nonsense stops now. I am not going to watch Miss Rap Supreme, because the creators are not all black. I am burning my collection of tapes. I am sending all my vinyl to the greenCR8 project. And I’m sending some of my favorite writers, like Jay Smooth and Tom Breihan, letters imploring them to stop what they do. So long you suckers.

Now my only problem is, what should I occasionally write about? I’m not white so I can’t follow his suggestion with banking. My bloodline might suggest trying to focus on alcoholism and gold, since I am part Native American and part Spanish. If anyone out there has suggestions, please get at me. Good looking.

Essentially the problem with most bloggers like yourself Brandon is that you’re a geek behind a computer who doesn’t do enough research prior to posting. So you sit home (b/c your really a geek who doesn’t have anywhere else to go) and you write about a topic such as hip hop and illustrates you don’t really know anything about it. First of all you’re from B-More, and without any disrespect towards my homies from the B-More/D.C/Maryland area you know nothing about real hip hop music or the culture. Who was the last hot rapper to come from B-More??? Furthermore judging by you last name you’re a white guy, again without any disrespect to my white homies…who was the last hot white rapper after Eminem??? So why you choose to post a warped opinion across the World Wide Web about hip-hop I have no idea. Shouldn’t you focus your attention on blogging about banking, a topic that a black dude from Brooklyn like me might actually trust your opinion about? I stumbled across your ridiculous articles by accident and they are so out of touch that it’s actually counter productive to “our” hip hop culture. Can’t you just remain a fan and only discuss your dumb opinions on hip hop in your tight circle of white IT geek friends while eating 7 ounce crab cakes…and YOU PEOPLE wonder why people like Slav Kandyba want to “break your jaw?” Now just out of curiosity, it seems like you listen to a lot of rap music…do you actually sing along when a rapper uses the “N” word, or do you skip those parts?
-Moe Negro