Nas’s new single, which I condemned to our sidebar yesterday due to lack of real interest, has similarities, in content and style, to NYOIL’s song “What Up My Wigger Wigga”. These similarities have caused some to wonder if there is any direct biting going on since Wigger Wigga was released last year and there is good reason to believe that is received enough attention to reach industry circles. NYOIL responded on Robbie’s site and took a great position that confronts Nas on his role in developing his persona over the years and his ability to have an intelligent discussion about the ideas he supposedly espouses. The greatest potential benefit of all this is the chance that Nas fans will be forced to contemplate the real drive to consume his image. An individual with a sincere interest in political issues will find it that much harder to take Nas, and the marketing forces that form and distribute his product, seriously. Whether or not Nas really did bite is now besides the point. Link (visit NYOIL)

Nas you are THAT nigga!

Nas you’re that nigga that pretends to have a grasp on the social quagmire that our people are stuck in and yet cannot for the life of you articulate or justify your position on this obvious plea for controversy. Does this brother realize that his attempts at diffusing the word “Nigger” by making it some all inclusive colloquialism to represent all races is as weak as the beat he spit it too? Does he realize that when Robert Schwartz decides to stop being a nigger all he has to do is change his look. maybe trade in the bapes and backpack put on a suit and he’s right and exact. When Robert Yung decides he’s no longer a nigga he can be whatever an person of Asian decent can be in the country stereo types not withstanding. When Robert Rodriguez decides to stop being a nigger he can become a proud man of Latin descent. However for Robert Jenkins who’s grandparents where NIGGERS, blown over by fire hoses and beat within an inch of their lives, when the term meant what it will always mean despite his attempts to make it a term of endearment. Whom despite his affluence or allegiance has to be as scared as a runaway slave when pulled over for driving black or shopping black, or standing in a group of more than 3 in his own neighborhood while black or any of the number of things blacks can do innocently while being black and end up dead because the cop who shot him 50 times like Shawn Bell or 42 like Amadou Diallo didn’t consider himself a nigger…We’re the only race that embraces our disgrace, and now you would have everyone else sing along with us in our shame.

My nigga Nas.

You’ve been everything they ever told you to be. Nasty Nas, Nastradamas, Nas Escobar. And now you’re their Nigga.

At what point are you going to be a man?

Last year I put out a song called “What up my Wigger Wigga!” It spoke to people of all races that have used the term nigga so cavalier by using the racist terms that are assigned to their respective races. I was blown away at how similar our two songs were. However yours held the exact opposite message. It was at that moment I realized who Nas was, and who I was.

Sam Cooke sang it best…”A change gone come”.

You would do well to heed those words.

Come back brother…

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