These muxtapes are getting popular. Here’s another one from Dj Eons One of Grand Invincible. Funny coincidence because he included the Pete Rock track with Trife that we just posted. Link (Peace to Dj Eons One)

Ripped Open By Metal Explosions by Galt McDermot
Line Up & Target (feat DJ Marlon B, Daddy Swift & Sugar Phree) by Ken Sport
P Dap Prohibit (feat Killa Sha) by Tragedy Khadafi
Give It To Y’all (feat Rock Marciano & Trife) by Pete Rock
Top 10 List by Masta Ace
Up On Prospect by The Hillfiguz
Ah Yeah (Diamond D Remix) by KRS One
Verbal Attack by Black Attack
Goldmindz ft Shabazz The Disciple by Maccabeez
14 Years of Rap by Skeme Team
Judas Theory by Tragedy Khadafi
Death Ministry by Maestro