And I’m feeling every word written. Besides calling out the lack of journalistic integrity, Rafi Kam lets Complex Magazine, and other sites he categorizes as page-view pushers, know exactly how they are perceived by their informed viewership. Please read this, cosign and pass along. Link

The place holding down hip-hop journalism right now isn’t the Smoking Section… it’s The Smoking Gun. In the span of three weeks, the Smoking Gun has dropped the two craziest hip-hop stories of the year. First they exposed the shoddy journalism of the LA Times and how a con-man served as the source for the paper’s controversial Tupac story. Now they’ve exposed the phony, “notorious” back-story of Akon.

Hip-hop journalism? No such thing. No one is doing their due diligence out there. We got pundits, publicist lackeys, gossips, posers… How about a fucking journalist? Can we make room for just a few of those?