So says co-founder Chris DeWolfe in this interview. Really interested to see how the MySpace Music launch will play out. The sheer number of indie artists on their alone is mind boggling, 5,000,000 bands? Link

Wired: Does this deal give MySpace users access to more music?

DeWolfe: By far…. We have the three biggest music companies in the world signed on with us. We’re in the process of talking to the fourth. We’re also working with all the indie music consortiums, so by the time we launch [this summer], it should be a very high percentage in the United States…. Our main goal is to have all the music in the world on MySpace.

Wired: Any clue on the size of your new catalog?

DeWolfe: I know we have 5 million bands, so that certainly won’t change; if anything that will go up. Virtually every artist has a profile on MySpace already. In terms of the number of songs, each artist is allowed to put up four songs right now, so that will change to be an infinite number of songs.