This Saturday Neighborhood Public Radio, in conjunction with the Whitney Biennial, will be throwing a live jam session accompanied by an art gallery featuring work from a variety of graffiti and new media artists. NPR is a Bay Area organization known for its micro-powered radio station that has temporarily relocated to NYC. (via Amoeba Blog)

At this upcoming event (Sat 4/19), which is titled American Life: The Bay to NYC (below is flyer with all details), art that originates from either the Bay Area or NYC will be on display. There will also be a video installation — pieces that myself with the Hip Hop Slam crew have produced over the past several years. One of them captures all the graffiti South of Market and out to China Basin (circa 1999), just as construction of new condos was displacing a lot of this street art. The radio show part, which is also streamed live (and later archived) on, will include an open freestyle session with drum-kit, electric guitar, keyboards, and turntables all ready to be used by trained and untrained folks alike. In addition to visitors to the Whitney — two doors up — who give information on the radio station there will also be neighborhood folks dropping in. Basically I will have people singing or playing music or telling stories once I can get them within distance of one of the mics. There will also be some pre-planned interviews and readings, such as the photo-journalists Jim and Karla Murray and author Michael A Gonzales. Also featured will be DJ ALF – pictured above. For full details see flyer below. Should be a bit of fun.