David Ramos

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Brand new track from David Ramos of Toca and Anonymous Inc. fame. The new album This Up Here is coming out May 27th so be sure to check that out! The question I want answered is, when can we expect a new Anonymous Inc. album?!?!! Thanks Tim! Link

David’s smorgasbord of past work has little to do with his new album, “This Up Here.” At first listen, “This Up Here” sounds something like a synthesizer-injected lo-fi indie folk record, complete with occasionally dramatic shaky vocals, layers of Casios, shitty drum machines, glockenspiels, acoustic guitars, and melodicas. Upon closer examination, however, the musical quality is apparent. The album sounds much more like an ensemble of unlikely instruments becoming good friends, while David Ramos’ creative use of percussion undoubtedly surges through the Casio static. His acrobatic rap-vocal abilities only complement the concoction. By the last track we come to realize that “This Up Here” is simply a beautifully self-produced pop record crafted by a talented young songwriter using a basement full of toys and old instruments to shape a subtly emotional story filled with nostalgia, humor, and honesty.