I came across this interview with Washington DC producer and beatmaker Damu The Fudgemunk via From Da Bricks a few months back and been meaning to post some music. He released a free digital album earlier this year, which had me searching for as much Damu music as I could find. Would be nice to hear the album with O.C. though. Link, Download Spare Time

Visit Damu and also check for his group Y Society with Insight.

FDB: I read elsewhere on the internet that you had a possible project with O.C. lined up. Is that true?

DF: That is true, I did do an album for O.C.. I did a lot of beats for an unreleased album and I actually remixed parts of those songs three or four times so I used a lot of beats. Who knows, it’s basically a respect issue right now, I would love for people to hear the stuff I had done, whether it’s free or people pay for it, just the fact that it gets heard. Otherwise, I could give the beats to other places which I have plans for, but it’s a case of ‘don’t show, don’t tell’ and that’s what I agreed to. Right now, the project is lost. Who knows… I can’t do much about it.