Coco, Ice T, Frank Meyer
From left: Coco, Frank Meyer and Ice T

Congrats to the Freestyle 101 crew for their Webby Award nomination. I agree with Frank Meyer that this is a good look for Hip-Hop. Nice to see a video series with a focus on mostly independent rappers getting love. Link

“Freestyle 101 getting nominated for a Webby is a great look for hip hop on the web. Where else but Freestyle 101 are you gonna get exclusive freestyle tracks from heavyweights like Fat Joe, Ice-T, Mobb Deep, M.O.P., Kool Keith, Del the Funky Homosapien and Buckshot, alongside underground grinders like Papoose, Joell Ortiz, Murs and Ali Vegas? Plus, we are bridging the gap between geek culture and hip hop, two crowds that don’t often get linked together. But most every rapper I know loves videogames and surfs the net, and practically every nerd I know loves hip hop. So the two audiences are not as far apart as you’d think.” – Frank Meyer, G4tv’s Freestyle 101 Creator/Producer