Link When did you open your first strip club?

Akinyele: Aww man. My first club I started in probably 1995. I got introduced to that whole game by a friend of mine. I did it first just for fun. Just thinking, “Hey I can probably get girls to come in here and dance,” and I did it for straight up p****y. Then I realized it was a business.

When the girls first started with me I used to look at them as the sluts, the b****es and the h**s. I realized these are real people here also so when these are real people I was like, Alright cool [and] it never gets played out. Suck my d**k is still suck my d**k. I don’t care 100 years [from] today, suck my d**k is still suck my d**k. Some women are like WOW. We have longevity with the “Put it in Your Mouth” song just for the simple fact that the song even when the new kids start growing up I mean they might come in that era…when I first started rhyming Bow Wow wasn’t f*****n bitches now Bow Wow is f****n bitches you understand? I look at a lot of the new generation coming up like Ray-J and Young Berg and all them guys and it’s like when you watch them doing sex songs and all that, I appreciate it.