Link (via Scifen)

Format: You’re also Scifen’s flagship artist. What sort of duties does that entail, and what sort of liberties can you exercise?

Yak Ballz: Making people aware of the brand. Rocking the gear. Getting Scifen involved in what I do, as well as doing everything I can to stay involved in what they do, like events and creating concepts. I also get clothes on artists that I am cool with and respect. It’s a family that I am proud to be a part of.

Format: Being one of the better-known rappers of Iranian descent, do you that feel you have a torch to carry?

Yak Ballz: Not really. I never got into it thinking I’m going to be the best or best-known Persian rapper. Most people who listen to me don’t even know what nationality I am. It just so happens that I’m Persian and good at what I do. The only torch I carry is the one that reps the kids who believe in themselves while everyone else sleeps.