An acquaintance of Jay Electronica who last saw him in ’03 discusses the “god MC’s” talent and potential. Link (good looks hardCore)

Three days after meeting Jay Electronica, we go back to the studio for a session, and to my surprise, dude has on the same clothes he was wearing the night we met him. Turns out he hadn’t been to sleep either . What had he been doing? Making music. We found him sitting at the control booth, bottom of his white socks black, hair on his head looking as if it were on a comb/pick/brush strike. You also got the feeling if he were to lift his arms, a not so cute little twang would have crept out with enough intensity to singe your nose hairs. See, Jay was one those kind of dudes. He didn’t look or act like a rapper. Dude was mad humble, always smiling, always had jokes, extremely polite, and was never afraid to let the conversation drift towards the deeper side of things. Although I had been hearing about his mic prowess for a while, I had no idea he was a talented producer as well. As we joked with him about needing a shower ASAP, one of his tracks blasted through the speakers, and man, the beat was blazing. One problem. He only let us hear the instrumental of the track, no vocals. We begged him to let us hear it, but to no avail. That night, I knew at the very least, our rich family of musicians had just gotten better. If nothing else, Jay had proven to me he was an above average producer. But as left the studio that night, I also walked away skeptical thinking, “a shy god emcee?”