Jay Electronica, Cody Chesnutt, Bigg Jus and Tekitha have banded together to form a supergroup. They don’t appear to have an official name yet but in this article they mention there already exists a few recordings that might leak under the tentative title of “Revival”. They are already booking tour dates and hope to record on the go as they visit various towns and studios. When asked about his recent performance at NYC’s Nokia Theatre Jay Electronica had this to say, “Man, love is love. I give it, I take it back. Whether the crowd feels me or not, I gets what I want from this shit. I do this for me!” According to the interviewer, as he was saying this you could hear Cody softly rapping to himself “1,2,3,4,5… [indecipherable]…come along for the joyride”. Tekitha and Bigg Jus were sitting far away at the other side of the bar and did not contribute to the story but the writer seems to have been amused that they were both wearing t-shirts that read “False Confidence” on the front and “I rock better than you, you just don’t know it” on the back. This is a historic day for authentic Hip-Hop and true Rhythm & Blues. Wow. Link