This Is The Life OST

Mentioned in an earlier post, This Is The Life is a documentary film revolving around the legendary Good Life Café and the many artists it has influenced throughout the years. The 25-track CD features a bunch of rare live performances from the likes of Ellay Khule, Mikah 9, CVE, Freestyle Fellowship, Aceyalone, Abstract Rude and more! buy soundtrack, more info

Welcome to the Good Life Cafe, where emcee specials have been served up with style and extra flavor since 1989! To own this is to own some of the earliest known freestyles, live sets and soundbites of Project Blowedians ever made available and not heard anywhere else for quite some time. Extremely rare recordings by Aceyalone, Hip Hop Klan, Mikah 9, CVE, Medusa, Abstract Rude and more! Big thanks to Rifleman for personally supplying us with this nice little bit of history and Omid for helping restore the quality! H-E-A-T!

01. Power of the P=SIN
02. Nobody (Live) Aceyalone
03. Abstract Rude
04. Hip Hop Kclan Live Role Call
05. Ellay Khule Live
06. Rifleman Up * Away Live
07. Chali Tuna Live
08. Unity Committee Live
09. Alpha Omega = Figures of Speech
10. Mikah 9 Live
11. Spoon Iodine Live
12. CVE Live
13. Live Ngafish Acapella
14. Farmer John Hymnal & Darkleaf
15. Akilee AKA Allah Culture
16. Misia and Allah Culture
17. Sesquipedelian Live
18. Freestyle Fellowship Live
19. Ganja K
20. Volume 10 Live
21. Hip Hop Nation
22. Aceyalone & Trend Live
23. Of Mexican Descent Live
24. Capitol AK Live
25. Abstract Rude Live

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