A-Trak w/ Jay-Z

Ex-DMC champ Dj A-Trak is helping out Jay-Z with his upcoming live show. He wrote a bit about it, citing how down to earth Jay-Z and Questlove are. He was also surprised Quest was familiar with his turntablist past. Funniest comment in bold. Link

It’s been real cool working with Jay and Quest. There’s no egos, everyone’s just been focused and easy to communicate with. Earlier in the week I was talking to Jay about the picture on the back of “Volume 1″ and how ill Biggie’s outfit was. Look it up if you don’t remember what I’m talking about. Jay was like “I remember when Big showed up at that show wearing peach. We all looked at him like “this n*gga…’” I had met Jay before (as documented in these pages) but this was actually the first time I met Ahmir. Dude was mad cool right away. Gave me like 500 GB of mp3’s and asked about Kid Sister’s album. He also gave me the new Roots album, it’s dope. I remember hearing that Young Guru was a DJ and followed the old DMC battles (that’s Roc-A-Fella’s in-house engineer, as seen in the Fade to Black movie). When I met him he asked me about my Sunglasses Is A Must DVD right away. It’s a trip because I meet these people mostly through my association with Kanye but I don’t necessarily expect them to know about my background as a battle DJ. When we were doing all those battles with the Allies it’s not like there were any current rappers at those events. It was always Grandmaster Caz and the Arsonists, not like State Property or whoever.