Allhiphop catches up with Baby Bam to clear the air. Or maybe unclear it some more? I refuse to post one of those pictures. Link

update: As Rafi pointed out in the comments, there appears to not have been any direct communication between an Allhiphop correspondent and Baby Bam. This gets a big gasface.

“In the wake of the death of Hip-Hop as an authentic culture, from the ashes rise Pagan Society. Before Hip-Hop had a name it experimented and mixed together existing genres of music to evolve into itself. It was a rebellious movement that later conformed and allowed itself to be pimped by corporate interest who initially gave it the cold shoulder. It had more juice when it was underground and only those in the know were up on it.

Now it’s been reduced to one hit wonders and token puppets who are being used to sell everything but music. We the people of Pagan Society are not nostalgic underground backpacking culture vultures, Hip-Hop groupies trying to bust a rap star nut for our ego’s sake so we can say we fucked her too; correction some of us are culture vultures. Nor are we trying to create another sub-genre of the style to get you gassed up on the new cookie cuttin’ shit we baked to get your deflated dollar. We’re a movement with leaders that are opening the gates of hell and letting out a fury of creativity that has no boundaries. The way you thought the world would be before your brain got child molested by social norms. Like the internet we are not regulated by rules. “