Smoothe Da Huslter

Smoothe Da Hustler catches up with Allhiphop. Good informative interview. He sounds hungry. Have you heard Violenttimes Day? Link You’ve kept busy over the years ghostwriting as well as recording. What are some of the projects you were involved in?

Smoothe: Early on I did most of Foxy’s album. I got history with all these people. I did joints for Public Enemy, the He Got Game soundtrack. That’s a big up for me. I was just with Rhymefest working on a joint for the Detox album. Us and Dangerous LLC, [Chris] Styles and them. We were sketching something up for the Detox album. Not sure if it’s going to make the final cut but we were working on that. I’m working on this “Big Wheels” carton with a few of the Hip-Hop pioneers. Melle Mel, Ice-T, Roxanne Shante, it’s just a little Hip-Hop 101. It focuses around me and Trig going to school but it includes a little of the history in it too. Just a little something I’m doing outside the rap thing. Me and DR Period worked on this album. I’m trying to finish up another album right after this one. Just trying to get a few things cracking again.

I’m so stuck on being an independent artist. The opportunities are out there. It’s just a matter of me getting the right one. But I’m good right now. I could be better, I could use a couple or 300 million [laughs]. Yo, 50 what’s cracking, what’s good man? I’m with shouting out my own s**t. I’m not down with joining a team and shouting somebody else’s s**t. That’s been my thing since day one, control. I got to have control over my shit. But 50 need to get at me. Jay, Jay knows me. We got history. And I’m talking to Jay-Z when I say that. Just putting it out there, we got history. My rep is solidified in the street. A n***a can’t pull my card on no level. N****s need to get at me. I’m on some real, Brooklyn s**t. Get at a real Brooklyn n***a with some of that Nets money.