Portishead - Third album cover

Portishead is set to release a limited edition box set on April 28th for their new album entitled Third. In addition to the album on double vinyl and MP3, you get a nifty USB memory stick in the shape of the group’s famous logo.

Not sure why we’re posting about a “trip-hop” group? Not only are they one of the more influential acts from the 90s, their first two albums are incredibly dope. And their tour DJ, Andy Smith, released one of my favorite mixtape series over the past few years called The Document. And did you ever see the video for Only You? Stop sleeping and do your homework.

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1) USB features the album, and 5 films
2) Double vinyl album
3) Etched 12” vinyl of ‘Machine Gun’
4) Limited edition print from Nick Uff

USB Tracklisting
01. Silence
02. Hunter
03. Nylon Smile
04. The Rip
05. Plastic
06. We Carry On
07. Deep Water
08. Machine Gun
09. Small
10. Magic Doors
11. Threads

LP (Double Vinyl) Tracklisting
A1. Silence
A2. Hunter
A3. Nylon Smile
B1. The Rip
B2. Plastic
B3. We Carry On
C1. Deep Water
C2. Machine Gun
C3. Small
D1. Magic Doors
D2. Threads

The Truly Spectacular Universal Conference Film (film)
The Rip at Mr Wolfe’s (film)
Ade’s House (film)
Machine Gun (film)
We Carry On (film)

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