Just wanted to make sure everyone got a chance to watch this video commentary by Jay Smooth. He touches on a complex issue dealing with the commodification of culture. In this instance he contemplates why there appears to be a moral backlash against the idea of Ms. Dupre’s further profiteering from her sexual relationship with ex-Governor Spitzer. He draws a direct comparison to the seemingly immoral profiteering that has already occurred in the music industry. If 50 can sell the streets, why can’t Ms. Dupre sell her sexuality? Is one more acceptable than the other?

So much of the discussion is in the form of moralistic outrage towards Ashley Alexandra Dupre and anyone who might seek to capitalize on her scandal by giving out a record deal.. and coming from the music industry all this judgmental hand-wringing strikes me as absurd. All the judgement and scorn heaped upon Ashley Alexandra Dupre speak more to our strange relationship with wealth/fame, sex/sexuality, and gender than it does her issues or morality. To paraphrase Tracy Morgan, my subtle and complicated theory on why Ashley Dupre getting so much hate goes as follows: “WE ARE A SEXIST COUNTRY. THE END.”