Modest Millionaire sounds like an interesting project. Link

Paste: Do you have any new projects coming up in the near future?

Del: I’ve been working with Lady Bug Mecca from Digable Planets, Dave from De La Soul and Prince Paul on a project called Modest Millionaire. It’s basically Dave’s idea, but the idea is living modestly with whatever you make. You don’t have to be spending all your money on ridiculous stuff that isn’t even going to be worth anything later on, you can just be cool. It’s just an attitude basically. You’d probably have to ask him to explain it more thoroughly than that since it’s really his concept, but that’s one thing I’m working on. I’m working on an LP with A+ from Souls of Mischief called Hypnotize. I’m working on a new Hiero album. El-P and I are supposed to work on something too.