The Grouch - Show You The World

Some of my favorite rap albums are Grouch albums. He’s come a long way from the mid 90s rapping about his bad experiences with females who didn’t love Grouch for Grouch. Haven’t heard Show You The World yet but I’m looking forward to at least a few new Grouch songs to bump in the spring and summer.

Here are a few of my favorite Grouch songs, Peace to Richoner [Thanks Lucy!]

Bangers (from Fuck The Dumb, 1998)
[audio: Bangers.mp3]

Nothing’s Changing (from Fuck The Dumb, 1998)

Neglected (from Success is Destiny, 1997)

Anything is Possible [Live in Amsterdam 1996?]

(04.08.08, Legendary Music)

On his first solo record in five years, The Grouch offers his usual well thought out, yet straight forward rhymes. But his production is more varied, sophisticated and polished than ever before.

“I worked on this record for almost three years,” notes The Grouch of how he’s developed as an artist. More, this record was an idea that sprang to mind after the birth of my daughter, Rio, in 2006. As soon as she arrived all I could do is think about wanting to show her everything that I love. I was quickly humbled when I realized I was learning as much from her as she was from me.”

Track Listing:
01. Microphone Intro
02. Watch Watch (featuring Mike Marshall)
03. Clones
04. Artsy
05. Favorite Folks
06. Yardwork
07. God Bless The Elephant (featuring Abstract Rude)
08. Show You The World (featuring Raphael Saadiq)
09. The Bay To LA ( Featuring MURS)
10. Mom & Pop Killer
11. Never Die
12. Shero
13. Bring It Back
14. Hot Air Balloons (featuring Bicasso and Scarub)
15. The Time (featuring Marty J)
16. Breath