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Courtesy of Dj Eli’s great blog, Outside Broadcast.

Ken Sport – Night Train Radio Show (WKCR, Feb 1998)

One of my digging partners from the old days was Ken Sport who was a semi-mysterious dude from Japan who had one of the sickest collections on the east coast. Ken was really one of, if not the first, people (along with Soulman) to make digging mix tapes and he was super prolific, releasing 20 plus volumes. Here’s a cool set Ken did on my old radio show Nightrain which was on the air for a year or so back in the late 90’s on WKCR (what up Vaz, Apex and Kinetic). It should be noted that for some reason or another the 1200’s were locked in a closet so Ken was using the very old school decks that the station had.