Controller 7

12inch full of remixes and instrumentals from Controller 7. Includes the previously released Get Ready For The Young Folks 7inch. Download or stream the clips below. more info, buy here or here

Download Get Ready For The Young Folks

Download I’m Ready To Shake

Download Stay Fly

Download Genius (Edit)

it’s the “Get Ready for the Young Folks” remix 7 inch plus some extra songs and instrumentals. The 7 inch sold so well and fast that a distributor in Europe demanded a repress or said it would get bootlegged. I made some extra songs and Token Recluse released this ep, so as not to dupe anyone who bought the limited 7 inch. Not really new productions of mine, just remixes. I’m probably not going to have any in my store and the distributor pre-ordered 900 of the 1000 copies, so I am not sweating it selling. It’s out of my hands anyways. I guess I should promote it somehow, but I know some people just want me to make beats and not side stuff like this, so I don’t hype the remix stuff as much.

So, here’s what the extras on the 12 inch are:

A laid back, mellow version of Three Six Mafia’s “Stay Fly.” I also spent thetime to fill in all the gaps where the curse words were taken out of the acapella. I used other words they said and recreated the missing words if I could (splicing syllables together) and if I couldn’t I used acapellas from other songs.

There is also an instrumental edit of a cover of Genius Of Love. It’s a different version that most people probably don’t know about, but I cut it down and made an instrumental out of it.

then there are instrumentals for the 3-6 mafia, the I’m ready To Shake song, and there is a drum loop of the young folks drums.

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