40 min plus retrospective mix of Mush records by Anti-mc for xlr8r. Link

Mush Mix by Anti-Mc

1. Daedelus “Greatly Exaggerated, Our Demise”
2. Daedelus “Like Clockwork Springs”
3. Radioinactive “Pyramidi”
4. Pedro “I Am Keeping Up”
5. Thavius Beck “The Storm Before The Calm”
6. Eliot Lipp “Beyond The City”
7. Daedelus “Name Game”
8. Boom Bip & Doseone “Town Crier’s Walk”
9. Loden “Vlugt (And More For You)”
10. Daedelus “Impending Doom (Doomcapella)
11. Thavius Beck “Perpetual Pursuit”
12. Fisk Industries “Reflection”
13. Andre Afram Asmar “Timeshipearth”
14. Head Like A Kite “Six Bags Of Confetti (Antimc Skinny Gold Chain Remix)”
15. Eliot Lipp “The Meaning”
16. Nobody “Fancy (Instrumental Reprise)”
17. Antimc “Canadian Dream”
18. Omid “Up”
19. Lulu Mushi “Blue Sonoko”
20. cLOUDDEAD “JimmyBreeze (1)”
21. Busdriver “Avantcore (D-Styles Remix)”
22. cLOUDDEAD “JimmyBreeze (1)”
23. Aesop Rock “Big Bang”
24. Bigg Jus “Supa Nigga”
25. Andre Afram Asmar “Computermammals”
26. Daedelus “Sundown (Dark Party Remix)”
27. Antimc “Cesspool City”
28. Boom Bip & Doseone “Square”
29. Antimc “What Were We So Afraid Of?”
30. Daedelus “Just Briefly”
31. Qua “Robot Unknown”
32. Andre Afram Asmar “We Humunculi”