Jay Electronica

URB cover interview is now up. Don’t forget, Jay Electronica show on March 30th. Link (good lookin’ Eskay)

“It’s like a revue from the ‘30s or ‘40s that comes to town and for maybe three days in a week,” Jay explains. “You sit down and you’re served food and a curtain opens and I come out and talk to the people. A ventriloquist’s dummy might walk out of a wooden cabinet and perform ‘Voodoo Man.’ The curtains may open and you see me performing a song chained in a tank of water. I’ll be performing magic. It all builds. Even if someone didn’t like it, it will be an experience that will stick with them.”

He plans to debut the show in New York and New Orleans this year. Not that he’s in a rush.

“Most people wake up everyday and are worried about doing stuff based on time,” Jay says. “I used to feel like I gotta do this, this and that before this time, but I don’t feel that way anymore.”