Ra The Rugged Man’s Father (via TSS)

TSS hooks us up with a nice detailed interview with Ra The Rugged Man about his verse on Uncommon Valor. A lot of history and background there. Who would of thought Ra preys everyday? Link (good looks Gotty)

TSS: “Uncommon Valor” has probably brought a lot of people to tears that were affected by the war. It’s so intense, you almost feel like you’re experiencing it in some parts.

RA: I work hard to make sure I portray things realistically. On some corny RA shit, sometimes I listen to my own songs and certain things touch me for a second. I don’t cry, I never cried at my own shit, but all of a sudden I get chocked up or teary eyed. Then I have to go, “Whoa, whoa, RA calm down. It’s a song.” One time it happened to me at one of my shows. I was doing my song “Lessons” and my sister was in the crowd. I said the line, “I’ve seen disease take the life of my sister’s kid. Six months on the earth, that’s all he had to live.” It was a simple lyric, and it had never hit me. But when my sister was right in the crowd, nobody noticed but me, but I almost came out my face with it. I got chocked up. I had to go, “Oh shit, chill RA.”