Another night, another packed crowd. I got there kind of late again but still managed to have a decent enough view, even among all the trees. Being a short Asian guy sucks sometimes. As I wormed through the masses trying to establish my position, Prince Paul’s son was DJing on stage. If you’ve never seen a picture of him, just imagine his dad except maybe twenty years younger. No joke. Gza pretty much performed the same set as last night except with one or two less acapellas. And even though Killah Priest wasn’t able to attend, Dreddy Kruger and Popa Wu held it down for him. It also felt like the set was a bit shorter and more focused. Last night, performances of Liquid Swords tracks were intertwined pretty randomly it seemed with older cuts and a bunch of solo material. Tonight, he did some Liquid Swords songs, then solo stuff and then finished it off strong with the rest of the album. Either way, it was dope.

I don’t have much else to say about the show except I had the chance to speak with G The Promoter for a bit. Along with being a really cool guy, he’s been doing promotions for the Wu-Tang Clan ever since the early 90s. So whenever you hear, see, touch or even smell anything Wu-related, chances are G The Promoter had something to do with it.

Like last night, I got dope videos processing so check ggtv or our yout*be channel for that.

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