This was actually the first time I’ve seen Gza headline a show. The only other time I’ve seen him rock a solo set was opening up for Method Man. Needless to say, it was great stuff. One of the first things I noticed walking into the venue was the amount of people already there. Usually, the floor isn’t packed until the act is almost ready to come out. But Wu heads are hardcore like that so I should have expected it.

After DJ JS-1 spun some records (or MP3s) for a bit, Gza came out with Killah Priest, Dreddy Kruger and Popa Wu at his side. And he went straight into the performance of the album albeit not in any particular order. He also kicked some verses from other classic albums like Enter The 36 Chambers, Wu-Tang Forever and Only Built 4 Cuban Linx. Mix in a few dope acapellas (note: ODB acapella= amazing), a mini-rant about that 50 Cent video and Popa Wu dancing and enjoying himself on stage and you’ve got the ingredients for a great show.

Like always, I got dope footage of the show and it’s being edited as we speak so check back for that! If ya can’t wait that long, wet your appetite over at ggtv or on our Yout*be channel.

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