doo wop

Dj Doo Wop still doing his thing, touring worldwide and working on an album with Pete Rock. We were gonna up the intro to ’95 Live but I’m sure you’ve all heard that by now. Link


I started making mixtapes in 1989 but in 1991 is when my name became pretty well known in the game and that was because the already famous DJ Kid Capri & me had the first ever “mixtape beef”. Fast forward to 1993. I’m dropping tapes on a regular basis & now my fan base is growing. Today’s game lacks what it had back then. Every popular mixtape DJ had their own niche. If you wanted exclusives you cop a DJ S&S/Craig G joint. If you wanted blends then you cop a Ron G. As far as my tapes, they were like no other because I was the only DJ that rhymed on his joints & on top of that I created a crew called The Bounce Squad. People use to look forward to hearing what kind of intro we were going to come up with next.

We actually got a major record deal with Virgin Records just off our intros. We never shopped a demo. Anyway, in 1994 the label wanted us to move to Los Angeles for a year to record our album. I said ‘HELL NO’, because at that time, the only reason we were winning is because we stayed dropping tapes on a monthly basis in NY. I felt that we could lose touch with the thing that made us and if that happened, the album would be worthless. So I requested a release cause I felt they didn’t get it. The reason I’m explaining this is because me asking for a release caused turmoil within the squad & shit got all fucked up. January 1995 was the turning point for me in this game.

Me and my squad had the streets locked from 93-94.