Scraps by Bomarr

Scraps is a collection of unreleased material that was touched in one way or another by Bomar (Restiform Bodies). Features solo material and remixes for artists like Sole and Ellay Khule. If you like some of this you might also like his fun remix of Lil Mama’s smash hit, Lip Gloss. Link (via)

1. Untitled (w/ Clovis Heald)
2. Trike
3. Sneakmove iPhone Ringtone Song
4. Happy Slapping (Superargo’s Powerslappin’ Mix)
5. Telephone Jim Jesus & Bomarr – Chapel of the Chimes (Cars and Trains Remix)
6. Of Montreal – My British Tour Diary (Restiform Bodies Remix)
7. Ellay Khule – Battle / Riflediss (prod. by Bomarr)
8. Mossman (w/ Circus)
9. This Perfect Day (w/ Passage)
10. Atur (w/ Passage)
11. Sole – Sin Carne (Bomarr’s Tongue-In-Cheek Remix)
12. Alan Astor – Fantastic Fantasy (Restiform Bodies Remix)
13. The Return of Mental Illness
14. Smyglyssna – Tea With Angela (Restiform Bodies Remix)
15. Jikop

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