Shellac’s long awaited new album Excellent Italian Greyhound came out this week and of course gets leaked online. Might be worth picking up the album on vinyl since it comes with a free surprise CD version. Steve Albini replies to the Daily Swarm who ask him about the leak. Link,

“Don’t care. That sort of thing is inevitable and meaningless at the same time. I am not of the opinion that downloads cost sales, because someone who has decided he won’t pay for your record is not a customer you can lose—he is unwilling to be a customer. Downloads reach those people who don’t really like music enough to be participants in it as a culture, they just want to consume at their leisure, casually, the way my mother would have the kitchen radio playing while she did housework. I have no interest in these people or what their relationship to music is. It certainly doesn’t mirror mine, but it is (they are) harmless.”