Hierocast Episode VII: Back to the Beginning

A-Plus interviewed for Episode 7 of official Hiero Emporium audiocast. He goes into his latest album, some of his history and even talks about that Hiero Jeans project. Part 1, Part 2

In addition to his new album My Last Good Deed, A-Plus lets you in on the large number of upcoming projects he’s involved in. These include a new line of Hiero Jeans, recording and producing a full length LP with Del, working on a Hiero album in the studio, and finishing a Souls of Mischief album (with a yet-be-announced super-producer). With all of this in the works and more, A-Plus jokes that right now he has “enough to keep me busy.”

For those truly interested in the Golden Age of Hip-Hop and the struggle that A-Plus and Souls of Mischief underwent during their time at Jive Records, this Hierocast provides never-before-heard stories straight from the man who lived it.