On Monday, Fox News discussed the establishment of “the Real Hip Hop Network” with spokespersons KRS-One and DJ Kid Capri. The goal of the project, they said, is to improve hip hop’s image. Artist KRS-One explained, “We’re seeking balance in hip hop right now.”

As host Neil Cavuto attempted to get his guests to explicitly disavow certain kinds of hip hop, KRS-One asserted again that their goal was balance. However, he did agree that “we won’t promote words or images that families will have trouble explaining to their children.”

He also said the project long predates the Don Imus firing, stating “We have a lot of cleaning up to do in our own communities. We can’t just keep still pointing fingers every time somebody says something … controversial racially…”

When Cavuto asked one more time whether the new network would prohibit certain kinds of language, KRS-One refused to endorse any kind of censorship. “Hip hip is edgy. Is is edgy. We may use the n-word. We may use the h-word. … You can be sure that will be balanced off with family values, education, social change.”