Paradise Gray of X-Clan

Besides making an @ss out of himself on VH1, the channel specializing in shows that MTV rejects, Paradise Gray of X-Clan seems to think the white rapper also made an @ss out of himself on Hot97 recently. I didn’t catch the interview with Flex (is this it?), but is Serch generally funny? He did used to dance funny. Anyone remember that MTV special where Serch and Everlast were fighting during a football game? That was funny. Link

serch @ lq (courtesy of paradise gray)

“I am not insulted by Serch’s personal references to me, I am proud that I was able to grow from a 22 year old Hip-hop Promoter at The Latin Quarters with Jerri Curls and Hazel contact lenses (20 Years ago) into a strong Black Man, father of a College freshman with a 4.0 average and a High School senior with good grades. However, there are those from The Blackwatch Movement, The Universal Zulu Nation, One HOOD, The Hip-hop Ressurection Movement and many individuals who did not think that what Serch had to say was so funny. I know that he is an entertainer but not every Black man is running around with a Clock on his chest to know what time it is.

I am very offended that Serch chose to say “Paradise, AKA Professor, Chief Bubba Professor X-Clown from the X-Clan” when Serch of all people knows well the difference between me and Professor X. March is not only the month that we lost The Notorious B.I.G. March 17th is the first Anniversary of the passing of Lumumba “Professor X” Carson. Personal reasons aside, where would you be without Professor X and I Serch? Professor X was the person who invited “Pete Nice” to The Latin Quarter (where Serch met him and formed 3rd Bass). He is the same Lumumba “Professor X” Carson who visited Tony D in Coney Island with me and arranged for MC Serch to be released from an unfair contract that he was signed to. Lumumba “Professor X” Carson was also able to see through the curls and contacts and see my true potential, he introduced me to his father Sonny Carson, with an idea that I could use Hip-hop music and culture to bring young Black people into the movement and struggle with the same promotion/media skills that I used to fill the Latin Quarters every week. I think that Serch must have gotten a little too comfortable with himself to think that making a joke of Professor X or The X-Clan would go un-checked even after all these years.”

update 032807: Got home and watched the video. Serch loves Paradise, what’s the big deal? Here’s the video. Also, here’s an early pic of Paradise Gray rockin’ a louis vutton crown beret looking thing. Nice!

paradise gray

  1. Plantinga (Reply) on Nov 28, 2007

    Wow. Looks like no one even cares.

  2. El Keter (Reply) on Jan 23, 2009

    I know this shit is from forever ago, but I was looking for pictures of X-Clan this morning and just came up on this post. I’ve always maintained that the “beef” between X-Clan and 3rd Bass was either manufactured or was a by-product of the past business dealings between Serch, Professor X and Paradise more-so than the “how can polar bears swing on vines with the gorillas” cave-rapper slapping it was made to be. I remember hearing way back in the day that Lumumba and Paradise managed Serch at some point, and Paradise’s message sort-of proves that. So this is kinda revelatory for me.

    As for Serch being funny, this was the dude who talked shit about Hammer on the radio and damn-near got himself killed over it. He’s always been on some clown shit. Sometimes it’s funny, and sometimes it’s not.

  3. versus (Reply) on Jul 23, 2012

    Serch is a Jew…. if you know anything about Jews that should tell you all you need to know about him. At least Beastie Boys [also Jews] went their own route .. this clown Serch is attempting to milk it for all its worth .. he’s a fraud.. and of course looks down on blacks.. he will probably eventually find his calling and become a rabbi.

    • J Greene (Reply) on Jan 21, 2013

      Completely untrue, i grew up with MC Search and hung out with his brother practically ever single day. I received nothing but respect from him and his family. To say he is a Jew and that should tell you all you need to know is racist and ignorant, it’s easy to say things when you hide behind a blog!