Still trying to figure out who these cats are but no matter. This video is dope. Song is fun. Color me interested. Link (warning: large qt file, good lookin’ Carl!)

from press release:
MARCH,5,2007(LOS ANGELES,CA)-The premier label New World Color will be unveiling their first-ever music video on their site, The groundbreaking “Bout It Bout It” video introduces Johnson&Jonson’s upcoming releases “Powders & Oils” April 07, and the “Johnson&Jonson LP” May 07. The video was directed by the UltraIrisNova, consisting of Jon Ancheta & John Barnes a.k.a Johnson&Jonson, and Fernando Chavez. The video was shot by Mike Dellatorre at Panavision Studios, w/ the Genesis HD camera which was used for shooting such blockbuster films as “Superman Returns” and “Apocalypto”.