In anticipation of his full length, new mixtape with Hell Razah rippin’ over classic beats. Link (good lookin’ Sneek!)


February 2007- Brooklyn, NY ��As fans eagerly anticipate the release of Hell Razah’s debut album “Renaissance Child”, he offers this free mini-mixtape (mixed by winner of Justo’s Mixtape Awards, DJ Rated R) to hold the fans over. This 9 song tribute to the golden era finds Razah dropping a medley of gems over those timeless, classic ’88 style beats. “I wanted to take it back to when it was just about beats and rhymes. It was that whole Marley Marl era that had the most influence.” explains Razah. “Back into the Renaissance” contains remakes of songs from greats like Big Daddy Kane, Kool G Rap & Public Enemy and is a telltale sign that for this Brooklyn MC, hip-hop is back from the dead.