Blackacademics reject the use of terms like n*gga and b*tch, probably because of their tendency to argue their ideas on paper and in an academic environment. Their initial reaction is understandable but it seems to me, if one thinks it through, one should be able to appreciate what YSAGL accomplishes. NYOIL is able to force a more balanced discussion by striking his enemies head on and he should be congratulated, not admonished. Link1, Link2 (via)

This song is the first draft of the first page of a very long document we ALL have to write.
For people who seem to pride themselves on thier intellect.. which really apoears to be conciet and apathy wrapped in eloquence, you sure have missed the point.

I am OPENING A DOOR.. for YOU to step thru ..and articulate the discussion in the proper words and context.. I spoke in the language that those that NEED to hear it can understand.. now u can translate it add that which is necessary.. correct that which is flawed. I’m giving you thier attention.. i am giving you minds to remold..